Alas, Robert Sheehan, it was just too good to last. That's okay, honey, don't cry; you can come with me.... ;)

CP Coulter originally wanted fanart for the characters and not dreamcasting, but to get this little venture going, I went ahead and subbed in real people until I could GET the fanart. (Sorry again, there, Aaron Page.) So we're moving to fanart. The first piece has been submitted - for Reed, and it's PERFECT! No more spelunking on Google for a curlyheaded, strawberry blond! (The pic is by The Best Bet To Win on Tumblr, who I thank SO much.)

So please, we need the others! Everybody. The whole gang. Even people like Karofsky. Or the teachers. ALL OF 'EM. (Just separately; single characters only, except for canon pairings like Klaine.) So send them in! You can drop things in my ask box at I intend to have a gallery on each character's page with all the awesome fanart that all of you have put together.

So let's get goin'!

-JenLamoreVincera 02:18, January 30, 2011 (UTC)